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Quivera subsidiary Wichita Tribal Enterprises awarded a five-year contract worth a potential maximum of $11.3M

[Anadarko, OK – 03/07/2023] Quivera enterprises, LLC, a tribally-owned company and leading provider of high-level management support, fiscal management, human resources, and business development services to government agencies, announced today that its subsidiary, Wichita Tribal Enterprises (WTE) was awarded a web support services contract with Indian Health Services (IHS). WTE is partnering with its sister company, Anadarko Industries (AI) to provide the necessary support to complete this project.

Services under this contract will be performed remotely across the United States. The technical expertise provided includes website designers, SharePoint developers/administrators, database administrators, system administrators, web application developers, and web content specialists. The work is scheduled to begin in Q1 2023 and includes maintenance of database server environments, implementing and optimizing the database systems, providing backup recovery, maintaining security and integrity controls, project management, and maintaining and improving disaster recovery plans.

WTE will provide personnel, equipment, supplies, facilities, transportation, tools, materials, supervision, and administrative support to provide the necessary services. In addition, WTE will support the overall functionality of the Indian Health Service domain, which currently consists of 175 unique static websites, 80 web applications, and a SharePoint intranet with more than 300 sites. This contract is an indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity contract ending in 2028, with a maximum potential value of $11.3M.

“We are honored to partner with IHS and support the agency’s mission to raise the physical, mental, social, and spiritual health of American Indians and Alaska Natives,” said Rachel Crawford, a Wichita Tribal Member and CEO of Quivera Enterprises. “We are also thrilled to commence this five-year contract with our sister company, Anadarko Industries, and improve outcomes across tribal communities nationwide.”

For more information about Wichita Tribal Enterprises, Anadarko Industries, and Quivera Enterprises, visit their site at

About Quivera Enterprises LLC , Wichita Tribal Enterprises, and Anadarko Industries

Located in Anadarko, Oklahoma, Quivera Enterprises is a tribally owned company with four subsidiaries including Anadarko Industries, Iscani Industries LLC, Wichita Government Solutions LLC, and Wichita Tribal Enterprises LLC.

Wichita Tribal Enterprises, LLC is an industry leader in providing innovative approaches for information technology infrastructure support, financial management, budget analysis, staff augmentation, help-desk support, and other services required by our customers. Wichita Tribal Enterprises is recognized as an Indian Economic Enterprise (IEE), an Indian Small Business Economic Enterprise (ISBEE), and a Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB).

Anadarko Industries, LLC (AI) is a recognized Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) that provides support and services to the Government and major Government subcontractors. AI delivers focused capabilities in Information Technology, Logistics and Facility Operations, Technical Services (Engineering, Safety, Science), and Business Management.

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