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KSC’s Robotics Team – The PINK Team

KSC The Pink Team

(Kennedy Space Center, FL – February 2017) – Marianne Pariso, a Wichita Tribal Enterprises (WTE) employee, has spearheaded volunteerism for the last six years with her office colleagues by fulfilling Brevard County, Florida senior citizens’ holiday wishes.

This program is through Meals-on-Wheels and Seniors-At-Lunch with Aging Matters in Brevard. Each senior writes down three gifts they would like or need (i.e., large-number watches, sheets and pillows, Ensure and snacks, etc.) and then the WTE employee posts the first name of the senior, his/her age, and the three wishes. The seniors are then “adopted” by the employees who choose to participate by selecting a name and shopping for his/her senior citizen. The WTE employee then delivers the gifts to Aging Matters in Brevard to be given out through Meals-on-Wheels (for the homebound) or at the holiday party at Seniors-At-Lunch (for the more mobile seniors).

The PINK Team
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