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Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day, February 23, 2017

Engineering Day Girl

(Kennedy Space Center, FL – February 2017) – WTE employee, Bethanne Hull, coordinated the initiative of Introduce a girl to engineering Day at KSC. Each year, colleges and universities as well as K-12 schools and organizations across the country participate in National Engineers Week; this year it was February 19-25th. February 23rd was “Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day” where schools were encouraged to engage and introduce girls to the engineering world. National Engineering Week chose the 23rd as it coincided with the worldwide initiative “Girl Day”.

NASA recognizes its need to empower women and to utilize the full range of talented students across our country that will someday enter the workforce. To better serve that mission, we have partnered with the NASA Digital Learning Network to provide programing access to schools nationwide. KSC led the effort to provide all schools in the United States access to the brilliant women of NASA. A host of female technical experts and scientists began speaking with students at 9:00 am. Through this initiative, we estimate we introduced over 24,000 students to the world of engineering. #Engineerlikeagirl

Bethanne Hull of WTE
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